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Purchasing a home is a major investment. Making a good decision is even more challenging when you are moving to a new and unfamiliar community. Fortunately, there are real estate professionals who specialize in relocating individuals and families to the Milwaukee Region.

Why choose a relocation specialist?

A relocation specialist can:

·         Point you to the right neighborhoods

·         Identify the best schools

·         Tell you what is a good price for homes in the market

·         Inform you about property taxes, tax deductions & credits

·         Serve as your point person during your negotiations

·         Arrange the necessary home inspections

·         Coordinate any repairs or updates before you move in.

In short, they will streamline your home search so that you are free to focus on the many other important tasks related to your move.

Because states often have different laws and regulations governing the sales process, it is important that purchasers work with a Realtor and consider the following when buying a home in Wisconsin:

  • Non-Attorney State: Unlike some states, Wisconsin does not require an attorney review the purchase agreement or otherwise participate in the sales process. Your licensed real estate agent may draft and explain state-approved forms but cannot give legal or financial advice.
  • Buyers’ Agents: Real estate agents are paid by the seller even if they represent both the buyer and the seller. However, many buyers hire their own real estate agent to represent their interests during the purchase process. Although they represent the buyer, these agents are paid through the sales commission generated by the sale of the home. If there is no commission (such as when the home is sold by the owner), the purchaser may be responsible for paying their real estate agent based on a negotiated fee that is typically based on a percentage of the home’s sale price.
  • Home Inspections: While Wisconsin does not require home inspections as part of the sales process, they are recommended. Home inspectors must be registered with the state and are prohibited from performing any repairs or maintenance on the inspected property for at least two years. Most inspectors use a standard checklist with items relevant for inspection in Wisconsin. They typically do not look for damage from termites and other wood-eating inspects because they are rare in this area, but will frequently test for radon. Home purchasers should note that inspections conducted in the winter may not identify problems with air conditioning systems or roofs covered with snow; however, sellers are required by state law to list all know defects on a Real Estate Condition Report at the time the home is listed.
  • Counter Offers: Wisconsin has an approved counter-offer form (WB-44) that the potential purchaser can use to modify the terms of the home sales agreement. Any items listed on the counter offer supersede items contained in the offer (provided the buyer agrees to the counter offer). The counter-offer form simplifies negotiations between the seller and the buyer.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact one of these businesses serving the five-county metropolitan Milwaukee area to help you with your move:

Other Helpful Tips When Choosing a Home:

  • Visit at various times of day. If you walked through the home in the evening, you might miss something you’ll see in the daylight and vice versa. You can also check out how the surrounding area changes at that time, or note traffic patterns.
  •  Talk to neighbors. What types of people are in the neighborhood? Will you and your family fit in? Also, find out if there is a neighborhood association and how neighborhood news is dispersed.
  • Ask for copies of utility bills & property taxes. This will avoid any surprises later and should be considered into total cost of the property.
  • Attention to detail. Sometimes, if purchasers are in a hurry to find the right home, they forget to consider some of the “smaller” factors that will end up mattering greatly in the long run. Make sure you’re happy with things like storage space, lighting/floor plan, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size/layout of the yard, how close you are to your neighbors’ homes, etc.
  • Work with the realtor to explore the surrounding area. Where is the closest grocery store? The local school? What will your commute be like to your new job?

Here at Discover Milwaukee, we wish you the best of luck in your home search! 


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