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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Get Active, Milwaukee!

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Milwaukee is known for rollerbladers on the lake, bike paths, and yoga studios galore! Why not make exercise part of getting to know the city?

In Milwaukee, both residents and employers have become increasingly focused on wellness and promoting healthy lifestyles. The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC), has helped Milwaukee to become the largest city in the nation to earn the coveted Well City USA silver-level designation. This title means that across Milwaukee, 30% of the workforce can access formal wellness programs.

Local Health Clubs in the Milwaukee area are great destinations to seek out fitness activities. Elite Sports Clubs have five locations in the Greater Milwaukee area. Their facilities provide sports programs for all ages, over 250 free exercise classes, swimming pools, State-of-the-Art fitness centers, and more. The YMCA is another large contributor in promoting an active lifestyle. The nine centers in Metropolitan Milwaukee support wellness programs, personal training, swimming lessons, and countless activities for individuals and families. The YMCA is an affordable destination for anyone in Milwaukee to get active and live a healthy life.

Bike riding is another large contributor to a healthy Milwaukee! Recently, the downtown area implemented a bike share program called “Bublr Bikes.” The organization is planning to launch at least 100 bike stations throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs in the next year. If you go to the Bublr website, you can suggest a location for a bike station to be built near you!

If you have a bike for cruising around, be adventurous and enjoy one of the many bike paths around Milwaukee. First, head to to see 363 different cycling routes in Milwaukee! The site also provides info about Milwaukee weather conditions, cycling events, and cycling stories. The courses are fun and unique to Milwaukee! You can try the “Miler” course, “Milwaukee River West Side,” “Uphill Fun,” or the “MKE River Loop.” Another option is to download the Wisconsin bicycle map for a visual of where trails are located.

Along with biking, yoga is another popular activity among Milwaukee residents. It’s a relaxing form of exercise that strengthens both the body and mind. Take an early morning class to awaken your soul, or go with a group of friends on the weekend to enjoy yoga together. A number of studios can be found around Milwaukee:

Find your own way to enjoy being active in Milwaukee and run with it! There are many opportunities to stay fit, meet new people, and discover Milwaukee by staying active!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Volunteer in Milwaukee - Get Involved With Your Local Community

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Volunteering is a perfect way to meaningfully immerse yourself in a new city and make lasting friendships. It is also a rewarding and impactful way to spend any extra time you might have throughout the week. There are countless opportunities in Milwaukee, and you will definitely find an organization that interests you.

Not sure what opportunities are out there? A great place to find out is by looking online. Head to You'll find 848 local volunteer opportunities in Milwaukee alone! You can search in specific categories such as arts and culture, children and youth, community, education and literacy, health and medicine, and environment. There are even filters to find the perfect volunteer positions for kids, teens, adults, and groups.

Not feeling like searching online? You can take a walk around your community and look for any local nonprofits that might be in the neighborhood. Maybe there is a gardening center, local church, or school that needs your help.

Another way to find opportunities is to directly contact any of the local volunteer centers listed below.

Milwaukee County:
Volunteer Center of Greater Milwaukee
Milwaukee Nonprofits and Charities

Waukesha County:
Waukesha County Volunteers

Ozaukee County:
Volunteer Center of Ozaukee County

Racine County:
Volunteer Center of Racine

Washington County:
Volunteer Center of Washington County

According to Volunteering America, 35.6% of residents in Wisconsin volunteer, ranking them 8th among the 50 states! In 2012, there were 1.62 million volunteers with a total of 165.3 million hours of service. Residents of all ages are involved and committed to making a difference. 

Volunteering is all about discovering a passion and using it in a way that can help others. Get out there and connect with the people of Milwaukee! Discover a passion, get involved, and learn about the culture of your new community.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why We Love the Wisconsin State Fair!

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Every summer for 160 years, people have embarked on a journey to West Allis, Wisconsin for the annual State Fair. The 11-day event is famous for great food, agriculture, music, rides, games and fun! As the fair came to a close this past weekend, we would like to share all the reasons why the Wisconsin State Fair is enjoyed by so many, year after year!

Half of the total fairgoers are from the Metropolitan Milwaukee area; and almost 90 percent are from Wisconsin. The Fair exemplifies Wisconsin friendliness, adventure, creativity and fun. With so many local residents contributing to the operation and success of the fair, it really brings the entire state together. It all happens for the love of Wisconsin!

The State Fair is home to 57 unique Wisconsin treats you can’t help but enjoy! Since 1924, Cream Puffs (from the original Cream Puff Pavilion) have been the staple food of the fair. Among some of the other interesting bites are:

Pork donuts
Duck fajitas
Beer floats
Deep fried apple pie
Deep fried bacon wrapped tater tots on a stick
Sweet potato fries with marshmallow dipping cream

Despite the bizarre combinations of ingredients and potential hesitation to take the first bite, trying a new food at the fair gives you a one-of-a-kind Wisconsin experience! In 2014, 72 new foods were introduced at the fair! Contrary to out-of-state popular belief, we go beyond just beer and cheese. Wisconsin sure knows how to get creative when it comes to treats! 

At the Horticulture, Craft & Culinary Pavilion, fairgoers can take in the sight of textiles, gorgeous flowers, vegetables, cakes and much more. As one of the largest industries in Wisconsin, agriculture is also a center focus at the State Fair. You can find a wide variety of animals to look at and learn about. A number of shows, barn tours and competitions take place. This year cows, horses, donkeys, goats, poultry, rabbits, sheep and pigs all made an appearance.

Along with the food, crafts, and animals, many people show up for the entertainment! The Potawatomi Bingo Casino Main Stage is a popular spot to see a show. Headliners perform at the fair every year. This year, big names included Aretha Franklin, Alabama, Peter Frampton, and Home Free.

Affordable pricing makes the fair a fun family friendly event year after year. If you didn’t get the chance to visit the Wisconsin State Fair this year, be sure to check it out in 2015!   In the meantime, you can follow the fair on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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