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f there’s one thing Wisconsin
residents take pride in, it’s their
schools – and for good reason. The
state excels in academic achievement and
offers its residents a wide range of
educational opportunities – both public
and private. There are more than 250
Roman Catholic, Lutheran (Missouri and
Wisconsin synods), Jewish and Baptist
schools in the five-county region. Many
have deep roots.
Divine Savior Holy
, for example, is celebrating its
125th anniversary. In addition, there are
several non-sectarian, college-preparatory
schools, including three that offer classes
from kindergarten through 12th grade.
University School of Milwaukee
trace its roots back to 1851, while
University Lake School
was founded in
1956. The two schools are not related,
but both are devoted to providing high
quality education.
Brookfield Academy
an independent college preparatory day-
school for students from pre-kindergarten
through high school.
The Prairie School
founded in 1965, is a co-ed, independent
day school located in Racine County that
serves pre-kindergarten through high
school students.
St. John's Northwestern
Military Academy
is a private, all-male
college preparatory and leadership
development school that has graduated
heads of state, key business leaders,
professional athletes and accomplished
artists since its founding in 1884.
Southeastern Wisconsin also offers a
wealth of higher education opportunities.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
has more than 26,000 students in 190
different undergraduate and graduate
degree programs. The university’s busi-
ness school accommodates approximately
4,200 students and is noted for its
research in manufacturing, information
systems, accounting, marketing, finance
strategy and leadership, business devel-
opment, and diversity issues.
offers 11,800 students a wide
array of academic choices and 80 majors
through its nationally recognized colleges
and schools. More than 2,900 students
attend the
Milwaukee School of
, a private college with very
strong ties to the business community.
The state’s vocational education pro-
gram was the first of its kind when it was
established in 1908. In southeastern
Wisconsin, it includes the
Area Technical College
in Milwaukee and
Ozaukee counties,
Waukesha County
Technical College
in Waukesha County,
Moraine Park Technical College
Washington County and
Technical College
in Racine County.
These schools have a combined enroll-
ment of more than 50,000 students in
two-year associate degree and certificate
Public Schools
Wisconsin schools have consistently been
ranked among the best in the country. In
Milwaukee County, school districts are
“unified,” which means they include
elementary, middle and high schools. In
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