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Highest median incomes:
River Hills ($175,500)
Lac La Belle ($166,250)
Chenequa ($152,500)
Elm Grove ($119,679)
Fox Point ($107,466)
Highest property taxes:
(tax rate per $1,000 assessed valuation)
West Milwaukee ($30.82)
Milwaukee ($28.55)
Brown Deer ($30.66)
Cudahy ($28.47)
Racine ($30.49)
Terms & Sources
Following is a description of the community
information used in the communities section:
January 2016 estimates from the Wisconsin
Department of Administration
Miles to Downtown:
An estimate of the mileage to
downtown Milwaukee using the most direct route
Minutes to Airport:
Estimated time it would take to drive
to Mitchell International Airport
Median Income:
Based on the 2000 Census and adjusted to account
for wage inflation between 2000 and 2015
Median Home Sales Price
Based on January-September 2016 sales
prices from the Multiple Listing Service and the Trulio home sale
Tax Rate:
The 2015 net tax rate paid in 2016 by property owners per
$1,000 of assessed valuation. It equals the published tax rate less state
tax credits, as reported by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.
School District:
The school district serving the area. Some communities
are served by multiple school districts.
Highest home sales prices:
Chenequa ($1.2 million)
Oconomowoc Lake ($1.1 million)
Lac La Belle ($681,089)
River Hills ($447,500)
Nashotah ($440,500)
There are
more than 90 communities
in the
metropolitan area,
each with its own
distinct advantages
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