New 2 MKE

Whether you’re thinking of moving to the area or you’ve lived here your whole life, we hope to provide something for everyone from moving tips and resources to exciting entertainment and dining options, helping you to discover (or rediscover) all this great city has to offer. In short, we’ll show you why in Milwaukee, it really is cooler by the lake!

In addition, we recommend that you order a free copy of Discover Milwaukee - The Greater Milwaukee Relocation Guide for even more details about Wisconsin’s largest city and its surrounding communities. Welcome to your new home! We trust you will find Milwaukee as fun, friendly and fulfilling as do the 1.5 million people who already call it home.

There's a jam-packed weekend of celebrations happening and we want to make sure you're celebrating accordingly. Discover what's happening in your new city and celebrate like the true Milwaukeean that you are!
Discover your new home by venturing out this weekend. Milwaukee has plenty going on in the month of June, here are just a few things to get you out of your house this weekend! 
June + warm weather in Milwaukee = outdoor activities! Luckily there's always something going on in Milwaukee, check out the fun you can have in your new neighborhood this weekend!
Milwaukee, a city that thrives on the support of the community needs your support now than ever. It is no secret that Covid-19 has played a large role in how businesses have had to make ends meet in new ways. See how you can help your favorite local restaurants and businesses open during these unprecedented times.
With Summerfest cancelled for the first time in 52 years, neighbors and friends in Waukesha decided to take things into their own hands to bring Summerfest to their backyards.