Martin Moore, Milwaukee Vlogger

Martin Moore, IGTV, and Vlogs galore!

Thinking about moving to Milwaukee?  Maybe your question shouldn't be "what am I looking for," but "who am I looking for?" This brings us to Martin Moore. Martin Moore is a photographer, vlogger, producer, director, and anything else you can think of.  His main focus is vlogging and he has racked up quite the count on his YouTube channel with 291 videos about life in Milwaukee to date.  He tours the city and gives viewers an inside look into everything Milwaukee has to offer.

He lives quite the busy life and is extremely active on social media, which is how Discover Milwaukee connected with him.  Most of his accounts are public, and you can easily find his Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages all with a quick search.

You can find all sorts of videos on his YouTube channel! He's also recently move over to IGTV, so if you want to see daily content check him out over there! This includes visits to Milwaukee Boat House, Safe House, and the Pfister Hotel.  His work contains some of Milwaukee’s most iconic places like the Blu room, Bradford beach and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Martin is the only person in Milwaukee that vlogs the city, and for many newcomers to this beautiful place they can be a blessing.  His videos allow you to experience Milwaukee via virtual tour.  If you are a newcomer, or someone looking to see what it's like to live here, Martin's videos will bring it all to life.